Thank you for choosing Dentedge. Onspon is our exclusive brand engagement partner.

  • How much space will be provided?
    - The event will take place in a small room of around 500 Sq.Ft. to 600 Sq.Ft. This event will occure inside the office premises itself.
  • How many banners can be placed?
    - Only 2 banners of size 2*4 are allowed inside the office.
  • What size of the canopy can be arranged?
    - 2*4 size of canopy or small table of same size can be placed either in the cafeteria or inside the treatment room. Also it can be placed nearby reception the area or any other vacant area available inside the office.
  • Is there any facility to distribute our pamphlets?
    - Yes you can distribute your pamphlets to the employees of the company with the help of employees from Onspon. Pamphlets should be of standard size, not more than A4 size.
  • How many standees can be placed?
    - 2 standees of size 3*6 are allowed inside the office.
  • How many people are allowed from the advertising partner's office?
    - Only 1 person is allowed.
  • Is free sampling of products allowed during the event?
    - Yes It is allowed. (Note : If any eatables are given as a free sample: firstly it will be tested by OnSpon or Dentedge's team, If anyone reportes the sample as negative, the sampling will be stopped and the advertiser will be responsible for that.
  • Is selling of products allowed during the event?
    - Yes it is allowed.
  • Could the event be considered as a guaranteed leading generation platform?
    - No we are not a leading generation platform. It’s a brand marketing activity.
  • What are the timings for the event?
    - Event will be taking place between 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Is my presente allowed to interact with other employees inside the office?
    - No your presente is only allowed to interact within 2 meters of the radius of the stall. Employees would come and interact with him/her.