• Post and core is a type of dental restoration that is utilized when there is inadequate tooth structure remaining to support a traditional restoration. A small rod, usually metal, is inserted into the root space(canal) of the tooth and protrudes from the root a couple of millimetres. This rod is referred to as a post. The post is then used to hold a filling, or core, in place. Without this post there would not have been enough tooth structure remaining to hold the filling required. After the post and core material is set, its properly cut into a crown preparation and an impression is taken for the fabrication of a crown.
  • Posts may be pre-fabricated or cast. Prefabricated post and cores take less time to place, as they do not involve any lab work and can be inserted immediately upon the decision to utilize them, once the endodontic therapy has been completed and the post space cleared of gutta-percha. They may be metal or fibre re-inforced (tooth coloured).
  • In cases where the post space is not a good match for a prefabricated post, a cast post and core is custom fabricated for the tooth by sending a post pattern to the lab. Cast posts can be of metal or zirconia (tooth coloured).