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Evolution of a Toothbrush

Ever been to a dentist? They provide you with a booklet of information for your dental care but there is only one we never forget, or at least most of us don’t, that is, brushing your teeth twice daily. With the coming of modern technology in almost all centers of...

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Smile in the Mirror; Make Your Own Day

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it and smile in front of the mirror. Trust me; life would never get in your way. Often, we have heard that your smile will make someone else’s day perfect; what we don’t realize is our smile could also take...

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Here Are Some Dental Care Home Remedies for You

Almost every household do have a well-equipped first aid kit to deal with minor injuries and for common emergencies. Everybody strives to be healthy and for that you should be prepared for all emergencies i.e. of your body and dental. Now it is the time to broaden your knowledge about...